01.  To bring out Pharmacy graduates with sound knowledge, skills and values in all pharmaceutical fields .To inculcate values of team work, and to enhance communication skills ,analytical skills , effective problem management by multi-disciplinary approach.
02. To inspire and instll life long learning approach and enthusiastic research aptitude apart from regular curriculam.
03. To train our graduates to be equipped with 1.  professional responsibilities according to legal, ethical and professional standards of practice.
04. To mould them to serve the community and health care system according to updated needs and requirement.


PO1.Knowledge in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Graduates to posses ability to comprehend and apply the knowledge of core subjects in Pharmaceutical Sciences and allied health subjects to the practice profession in Pharmacy.

PO2: Planning Ability:
Graduates will  effectively plan to manage resources, develop strategies for completing pharma projects or organize work in order to accomplish the assignments within the stipulated time.

PO3: Problem Analysis:
Graduates would be able to identify, systematically analyse and use critical thinking and shall make defensible decisions to solve experimental  problems related to the pharmaceutical Sciences in the industry as well as in academia.
PO4: Conventional and  Modern tool usage: 
Graduates will be equipped to handle conventional as well as modern  instruments, technologies and use of  modern pharmacy-related computing tools for drug analysis and research with an understanding of the limitations.
PO5: Leadership skills:
Graduates would be moulded with leadership skills and confident to work individually as well as part of a team towards fulfillment of pharmacy professional and societal responsibilities for the wellbeing of citizens.
PO6: Professional  Identity:
Graduates will demonstrate the ability to understand, analyse and communicate the value of their professional roles in society  (e.g. health care professionals, promoters of health, educators, managers, employers, employees) and apply updated drug information in the delivery of pharmaceutical care and assure safe medications accurately.

PO7: Pharmaceutical Ethics:
Graduates will adhere to code of ethics of Pharmacy Council of India in relation to community and shall act as integral part of a health care system. Graduates will apply ethical principles in various facets of pharmacy and take responsibility for the outcomes.

PO8: Communication skills: 
Graduates would communicate effectively with the pharmacy community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports, make effective presentations and documentation. They develop an ability to communicate scientific knowledge in non-expert/lay term by adopting various modes of scientific communications (e.g., abstract, manuscripts, project reports, oral and poster presentations etc).
PO9: Pharmacist and Society: 
Graduates will apply informed reasoning to assess societal, health, safety and legal issues relevant to the professional pharmacy practice. They will create awareness of healthcare issues through interactions with others/ camps and will gain a sense of self-respect towards community .
PO10: Environment and sustainability: 
Graduates will be able to understand the impact of the professional pharmacy solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and practically will apply acquired  knowledge for the sustainable development. Graduates will apply green chemistry principles studied theoretically.

PO11: Lifelong learning:
 Graduates would be committed to have a lifelong quest for knowledge in diverse pharmaceutical domains. Graduates to self asses and use feedback from other people to identify learning needs and fulfill the required updation .

Best Practices  of our College

  • Community connect programmes in Pharmaceutical sciences / Health sciences.
  • Development of herbal personal products.
  • Value added course to budding pharmacists.
  • Industry – Hospital – Academic interface.
  • International research collaboration.
  • Student support and progression
  • Reciting National Anthem before commencing the classes.
  • Effective Mentor – Mentee interactions.
  • Nature club and Journal club activities.
  • Healthy arts fest , sports fest and tech fest every once in a year.