Fortified Efforts:

Webinars: National and International

An insight into “Pharmacology”- by Dr Henry on 23-04-2022.(Cameroon)
“Erythroblastosis Fetalis” – by Dr Tagny Thumamo Loic(Nigeria)-20-08-2022
“Green chemistry based TLC”- by Dr RK Maheshwari (Indore)-23-08-2022

Health Awareness Day celebrations

  • World TB day-24-03-2021
  • World Parkinson day-11-04-2021
  • World Malaria Day-23-4-2021
  • World Hepatitis Day-28-07-2021
  • World Pharmacist Day-25-09-2021
  • World Diabetes Day-14-11-2021
  • Rare Disease Day-26-02-2022

Medical camp

Medical camp By our students in association with Max care Hospital